One of my favorite animals are big cats all sorts of them but, my favorite of them all is the black panther! The black panther is an aswome creature!

Hi Jessica! I'm a friend of Ms. White and I'm a Teacher/Librarian at Broadus Wood Elem. School. Can you fix that link to the LA Times article on panthers? I would love to read it! I grew up in Kenya and we drove out to the Game Park every Sunday:
I loved seeing the lions and occasional cheetahs. One time, my parents were arguing in the front seat, so my sister and I sneaked out of the car and went to the edge of a small cliff and watched 2 dusty rhinos. Then we got caught and and the yelling was directed at us : (
You're supposed to stay in the car at all times.
Have you ever seen a mountain lion in the Crozet area?
talk to you soon,
Mrs. Techman