On January 21 2011 I celebrated my Grandmother's 69 th B-day. We celebrated at Michie Tavern at Monticello. The top of the building is a tour of what an olden time house would be like. There was an outside bathroom, a cellar, a well, a smokehouse, and a garden. We were going to take the tour of Michie Tavern but it was expensive. In the summer time it is free. It is a buffet place and there are 5 stores you can go to. I love Michie Tavern.
This an actual picture of Michie Tavern.

external image MichieTavern2Site.jpg

Camping With Bigfoot

This year for the VA film festival, my friend, Teryn, and I made a movie called Camping With Bigfoot. I got the idea because the night before I told Teryn about it, my sister was watching a Goofy movie. Goofy and his son Max went on a fishing trip and Goofy goes fishing and he reels in the legendary Bigfoot.
Bigfoot was Teryn.
The camper was me.
So our movie made it to the film festival.
To watch the movie go to my Film Festival page.


I love to go to the beach. Do you? I have gone to the beach 6 times. We always rent a house really close to the beach.
These are the people who always go to the beach with me: my parents, my Aunt Josie and Uncle Jeff, my cousins Luke and Jake, my sister, my Grandma and of course, me.
Next year for the first time ever we rented a house ON the beach. I can not wait for it.


For Christmas, I got Papa John a sketchbook so he can draw ideas for his next sculpture because he makes sculptures out of metal and sells them. On the outside it is leather and the paper is handmade and I am not joking.
I got my Granpy an international farmer calender because he loves international farmer stuff and not john deer stuff. Plus he is part time farmer.
For Christmas I made everyone homemade candles. Candles are easy to make as long as you do not spill the extremely hot wax on yourself. I had it spilt on me and that was no fun at all! You can mix different colors and senates together. I sometimes added special sparkle to the candles. I made both Mrs. Albertson and Ms. White candles too.

The Big Surprise!

It was Sept. 30, 2008.................... I was getting ready for school. When I got downstairs my Dad said, " Do you want to go to school or do you want to go and see your newborn baby sister who was just born last night?"
" I want to go to see my sister!" I exclaimed.
So when we got to Charlottesville, my dad called the school and told them that I would not be attending school that day. When we got to Martha Jefferson hospital we went to room 200. There I saw a little baby. It was KACIE! When she went to sleep I told my Mom "She is perfect."


One day when my mom and I were coming home from arrins we heard a whine coming from under the stairs so I looked in there and I saw........ PUPPIES! A few weeks before when we went to the vet, she said Coada was pregnant. So we were expecting this.
When I saw them I yelled "MOM....... Coada had puppies!" Mom told me to get rags and a container of water. She handed me a puppy and I cleaned it. Then we had to call my Uncle Paige to get Coada in the house to her pups. BUT, when Paige tried to get her in the house she started to growl at him.
So, the pups grew up and we sold them to good loving families. There was a pup that we called Roscoe Jr. We named him after his father Roscoe because Roscoe Jr. looks exactly the same as his father but smaller. There were ten puppies.