People need to stand up for wildlife. We need to speak up for them because they have a voice but they can't use that voice. They are like whispers that cannot support themselves. We need to support them before they die out. If we don't stand up for wildlife those whispers will vanish.

Think, just think about maybe your favorite animal dies out what would that mean to you? It would be heart braking. If your favorite animal was a tiger. The radiant, massive, tiger. Every move is poetry.

Today there are about 100,278 tigers left in the world and there are many reserves for them, but still there are people out there in the world that cross those borders and kill tigers for their skins. In about 20 years those numbers will be dropped to about 50,250. 20 more years later there would be about 10,390 tigers left. 10 years later 550 tigers. 5 years later 0 tigers left.

That is what will happen to the tiger population. That is what can can happen to many other animal populations in the world.

We need to speak up for these creatures of nature!